Nowadays I’m writing only when I’m sad.

I dont want to say that. I feel I’m troubled, and troubled by my Idle brain. There are a lot of things to do, but I’m too lazy to do so. Every day, before I sleep, I decide that once I get up, I will make list of things I want to do and follow it. Instead, I wake up late, I start my daily routine late, by the time the daily chores are done, I’m lazy enough to myself away from TV. And be the time I realize that I should not waste my time, it would have already passed.

Later when somebody, comments on me being lazy fat ass, I end up crying. Blaming my fate. My husband’s been asking me to join driving class from past 15 days, My dad has already spoken to the driving class people, But look at me, I’m giving reasons, to call him up and fix the timings for classes.

I have so many things to do. Like, my daughter’s Scrap Book, then Join Driving Classes, rwweite my Recipie Book, find Hand made Paper training classes. Lot more. No… I never start. Guess what.. I’m least ashamed while I’m typing this. Actually I’m confused, whether to be shameful of writing all this or be happy that atleast I’m doing all this.

The only thing I do sincerely is wash my baby’s nappies, and upload on photo to my 1fotoaday blog.  What a sad life I’m living?


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