Keep In Touch

It was a long time since I spoke to some of my very good friends. It was almost 11 at night. I was putting my baby girl to sleep. The phone rang… It was Kiran (We call him Charlie… and the three of us his Angels, Well the details I’ll post it sometime later) “Hold on… I’ll conference the call with John and Annu” (They are my best Pals from AOL) 

I didnt know how I should react, but my hands were working faster than my mind… I was holding phone in one hand my baby in the other, in the next 30 sec, she was already in her bed, and me standing on one leg to hear the voicces from the other end. “Hi…” (It was John) I was so thrilled. It was almost more than a year I guess I had spoken to him. I was so excited… I forgot words, phenotics,blank for a couple fo seconds. The frustration, that sadness that was there from a couple of days. Then came Annu (She the most funniest of all… actually very innocent, she doesn’t even realise we were pulling her leg, she laughs at all our jokes… at her) Oh.. I hadn’t laughed like that for months together. We spoke for over an hour. ( All that we spoke was utter nonsense though) The call had get disconnected by itself for us to stop talking.

Kiran as promised such calls every week. If  it comes true. I guess, I’ll be charged up to face Life. You need to rejuanate once in a while, and that energy you get from talking to your old friends is immense.

So today’s lesson I learnt from my life is to KEEP IN TOUCH…


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