Be Your Own Mentor

I’ve decided to blog everyday. I will make a note of one thing I learnt each day, but I’ve become so lazy and have been postponing it from Monday.

Little and lazy, large and loud, fat and fulsome, pretty and proud…

I guess this proverb is tailor made for me. I have become a lot lazier nowadays. Its been 18 weeks after my delivery, and still I haven’t lost my prenatal weight. I look like a ripe pumpkin now (lol)… I know, I can lose that extra flab, but am not making any effort. Sometimes I feel, I’m still going through my post partum blues.

I feel inferior and I know the reason too.

I am a true Capricorn. I make strict rules and follow them to the core. May it be about how I look, what I eat and about being financially independent. Everything’s so hap hazard now. I feel I’m so lost and lonely in this world. I am not able to talk to anybody about it. I don’t think I know a person who can understand my feelings. I don’t know what to do. Of course my baby is important to me. She’s my first priority. But sometimes the thought of being jobless makes me like a Handicap. I have to put all my effort to come back to normal, and I have to help myself. Yes today’s lesson is to be your own mentor, be your own critic and that is the only way to reach your goal.


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