The Beginning

Well… I guess I am used to word press now. I’ve been checking its features and settings all these days, find it quite user interactive. Now I feel familiar with it.

I’ll be blogging frequently from now on…

I dont think I’m a good writer as such. Its just that I have a liking towards writing. I love reading books, especially Fictions. But cant get my hands on books as of now, because of my Daughter, she’s just four months old and takes up most of my time.

Well, I dont want start writing about her yet. as i can go on and on and on and never get bored.

I want to write about myself right now.  Its been very long I had some time for myself now.

From a very young age I have been learning a lot from Life. I was scared to write dairies, as I thought people would learn about my feelings. But gradually learn t, sometimes it is so important for people to know your feelings. So I decided to blog and yes, now I dont care about what I’m writing and who’s reading my feelings.

Thats why, I guess Blogs have been man’s Best Friend nowadays.


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