Am Back…

It’s been long since I’ve blogged. I had no time you see… Actually, when I started blogging it was to learn the feature and then continued to blog as I was jobless. Now that am working, I find no time for myself.

Its kind of good to be busy, but not to the point where you have no time for your self. Again, it depends on how you want to manage the time. I am an extreme. I either am a Workaholic or a lazy log. After all these days I learnt, how important it is to give yourself time, may it be for personal grooming, relaxing or for skill enhancement.

I learnt that I was lost and couldn’t keep a track of what was happening in my life. It’s like everything’s been erased or forgotten about all these days. Though I had lot of important stuff to make note of, I didn’t manage my time enough to record those precious time of my life.

Anyways, I have always learnt from my mistakes. So, now on I’m going to dedicate some time for me, sometime for my blogs and lot of time for work.


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