A Malgudi Days flashback…

Well… When I hear “Malgudi Days”, its a visual clipping of a village, the haunting song and the earthen hindi accent is what flashes to my mind. More than Mr. R.K. Narayan’s (I dont want to mention the word ‘Late’, as he is still alive in my memories) book and his narration.

That doesn’t mean I don’t respect his work as a literature, but couldn’t help to forgo the visual treat that was served as a serial by our very own active and energetic Shankar Nag (again… I dont want to mention the word ‘Late’ as I never want to be reminded he is no more).

I have both read and seen the works of these creative people. It is so delightful and feeling of pride that these men once lived in this country and one of them being a part of our state(No discrimination though… just expressed my pride as a citizen).

There is no limit to praise the work and the people behind it. Will continue to my heart’s content in coming post…


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