I’m bored.

We had a festival yesterday and kept running around. Today I’m so tired, or may be I’m lazy or… I don’t know what but I’m too tired to do anything, I thought I’ll go back to bed, couldn’t get sleep though. I want to do something and cheer myself. But it’s damn not possible. It’s my birthday on Friday J… I’m wondering, what to do… I want to do something wonderful for myself. I have a couple of Ideas, but not sure with any.

· I want to book room with one of the resorts on the outskirts of Bangalore, spend the weekend there.

· I want to go to a SPA and have good rejuvenating massage.

· I’ll go to mom’s place and spend the day with her.

At the end of my list I realize I’m not as young to celebrate my Birthday, as I’ll be turning to be 26 this Friday.

Wow! I’m 26 years old… and wonder what I have achieved over these years. I realize more than achieving something, what makes me happy is I don’t regret for anything that has happened in life. Everything that has happened in my life has happened with my consent. Nothing was a miracle and everything I earned is through hard work.

I’m happy about what I’m.


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