Express Yourself

Its been a long time…

Whenever I sit up to write, I feel what ever I’m writing is too personal, wouldn’t want anybody to read it. I stop immediately. But later realize that there is nobody here reading it though. lol! I have decided, from now on no matter what I’ll still write.

Its already Wednesday and I’m still awake. I’m not able to sleep, not because I’m troubled, stressed or depressed coz i had a good 2 hr sleep in the afternoon. It was drizzling from morning, as though it didn’t want to stop at all(Just like me crying… wouldn’t want to stop until I’m consoled and pampered). It was so cold… 21 degree celcius, too cold for Bangalore, I don’t remember such a dip in temperature before.

When ever I get to the main page of Blogger, I religiously check the ‘Blog of Note’ column to find if I can find some resources about Web Designing, anything that’s related to web quickly grasps my attention, today I found One Pic a Day. I dono who that person is but he seems to be in pain. And he’s writing everything from his love life to his profession, about his dog, his therapy… There a whole lot of them reading this and it really doesn’t matter to him. In fact most of them give their wishes thru comments.He’s got a lot of fans.

I think no matter who it is, what medium it is, you need to express yourself, If not it will really hurt. It doesn’t matter if there’s someone to listen or not… after having said.


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