Caught up in Confusion

I wonder what one must do when there is a dilemma about an issue, Should you go with what your heart says or do you do what is best according to the situation. I don’t know. It’s very difficult to be married and do what your heart says. Because you can only do what your heart says when you are single, especially if you are a girl.

I don’t like the whole Idea.

I have seen a lot of my married friends do feel the same. It’s very difficult to have a lil time for yourself. I’m a human being too… Rather than blaming anybody, it would oneself responsible for such a situation. You must know where and when to draw the line.

But being a woman, you cant restrict yourself with boundaries, when it comes to emotions. God has created us so.. and also has been scientifically proven. She is so humane and love, that she cannot think of hurting her enemies, it’s because most of the time, she thinks what’s right for the situation rather than what her heart says…


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