Life’s Answer or …?

Life teaches a lesson when you are in no mood to learn and turns away from you when you really want to get something out of it…

What do you say?… Isn’t it true? When you are happy and content with what you have, life brings you to those twists and turns you really wouldn’t wish your enemy should face it too. But when you really want to make meaning out of your life, everything goes hay way.

When such a thing occurs in life, a lot more questions pop up in my mind like, why is it so?, Why only me? or Was it because of my past? and at the end, hoping whether this would be the last one of all the tantrums.

hmmm… these questions are so deviating from the topic. Are they? lol… some more questions.

Without deviating some more, I sit down to think, what I could do at that point of my life? huh… another question. I shouldn’t be annoyed by these questions, otherwise what’s the point living such a life? there you go… another one. Now my next question is, should I laugh at the number of questions that arise? or am I getting into a mess with all these questions around?

I guess, I will just go on with my Life, and accept everything that life offers me. Wait a minute… its MY life, don’t you think I have a right to question what ever is happening in MY Life?… ???

Life’s not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.

Why is it so?… I have been wandering everywhere and asking everybody to find the answer. Or would it be better to be content with what you get from life.

How do you achieve it?… I feel is very difficult and I guess its almost impossible at this point of my life, as I still have the zest to search for the answer.

I know these questions sound too philosophical, but can arrive in everybody’s mind, I guess. Coz I have these questions running around me when ever I’m feeling low and depressed. More than anything, I want to find the answers for these questions, coz more than the problem, it is these questions trouble me the most. This, in turn question’s my being in this world.

Actually one doesn’t need the answers for all these questions, he/she just have to find somebody whose asking the same and you will feel a sense of content, that you are not wandering alone in this world in the quest to find the answers to these questions.


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