First time


Everybody has a first time… first day to school, first gift, first crush, first love… a lot more first times. This is my first time blogging. I am so thrilled. I have known nothing about blogging before i do this, other than, hearing the word blog from my friends. They say it is the “In thing” these days.
When I researched about it… I learned they are like the online dairies, where you express your self, your feelings, learnings, achievements, passion, obsessions and lot more. So… today i have ventured to learn more about it.

I am not a great writer but, somewhere in the nook and corner of my heart have desire to write. I may not be a perfectionist here, but will try to learn every time i blog. Thats why i name this blog as ‘yet learning’.

Been working on computers for more than 4 years now, am surprised myself, that I’m still invading the abilities or should I say the vast features of Computers, is a little bit of shameful too. But its o k, as long as I’m learning, I really don’t feel bad call myself a learner. Atleast I have given it a try…


One thought on “First time

  1. A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step…. and this First step is always special. Am really so happy for you ( and ‘lil jealous). Your writing style is really cool, not very sophisticated nor is it ordinary. And dont be Shameful about starting it late …as it is never late to try and learn something new. And once again Congrats and good luck as you enter or I should say ‘invade’ the exiting world of BLOGs. Tk Cr and Keep Writing 🙂

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