Guilty Pleasures…

I’m Home alone… I rarely get a chance to be home alone. I cook all 3 meals almost the whole week. Taking advantage I ordered my fav food. It’s delicious. But🙄 guilty.

Is this what it is? 😏

Post Update:

In order to overcome my loathing guilt, I bought some carrot cake for my daughter. She’s seems very happy and I am a little less guilty.


Binge Watching

Mad over Max, from 2 Broke Girls. She’s so sassy. She so happy even when broke. I like the way she murders Han every now and then. LOL.

I’ve been secretly binge watching the series from past 2 days. Yeah! It’s a secret thing, coz my family can’t stand me enjoy something on my own. They’ve to spoil it for me.

I also like Sophie. “Hi Everybody!” She’s so not worried about anything else than her. I’m going back, I have a few more episodes to finish.

Colorful Delights!

So, here I’m. No more excuses.

I’m taking life as it comes. Been through bad patches physically, emotionally for a couple years.

Philosophy has helped so much in overcoming these obstacles. I had to divert myself from all the negativity.

Gardening is one way for me to run away from all the negativity. Gardening is my pacifier. So for almost 2 years now, I have a good collection in my garden.

Uninvited Guest

Gardening keeps me busy in the mornings every day. It’s therapeutic.

So after the cold winter’s, my plants looks fresh with lush green leaves and colorful flowers. Last evening it rained heavily. Once it stopped raining I went to check on my plants and I was in for a surprise.

I found this Mr. Caterpillar invading one of my plants. I usually don’t kill them, coz I know they’re our future pollinators. So I let him be.

Next day morning, I was shocked. He had eaten up almost 2 big branches and carried on to munch on the beautiful white bud nearby.

I stood there wondering and he finished the whole bud.